12 pc. Bi-Material Screwdriver Set

Product Overview

12 pc. Bi-Material Screwdriver Set has a black oxide coating that provides a more precise fit and reduced fastener stripping and cam-out. The polypropylene material, and ergonomic shape of the handle offers twisting force for three different applications; a speed-zone for quick rotation, a torque-zone for added grip in heavy torque applications, and a precision tactile zone for tasks requiring more rotation control.

Additional Features


  • (10) 1/8-in. x 1.5-in. (1), 3/16-in. X 4-in. (1), 1/4-in. X 1.5-in. (1), 1/4-in. X 4-in. (1), 5/16-in. X 6-in. (1), PH #0 X 1.5-in. (1), PH #1 X 3-in. (1), PH #2 X 1.5 (1), PH #2 X 4-in. (1), PH #3 X 6-in. (1)
  • (1) 1 Offset Screwdriver
  • (1) Magnetizer / Demagnetizer



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