HEPA Media Wet/Dry Vac Filter for 5 Gal. to 20 Gal. Wet/Dry Vac

Product Overview

The HEPA Media Filter for wet/dry vacs is designed to tackle allergens, pollen, cold ashes, drywall dust and everyday dirt like sawdust, wood chips, job site debris and car or truck dirt. This efficient cartridge filter is made of HEPA media that captures up to 99% of all particles 1/2 mic and larger. Removing and installing replacement wet/dry vac filters is quick, easy and secure. This filter is compatible with all current CRAFTSMAN wet/dry vacs 5 gallon and larger. To ensure maximum performance of your wet/dry vac, replace this filter on a regular basis.

Additional Features

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Filter Fastening System allows quick and easy wet/dry vac filter changes
  • WASHABLE FILTER MATERIAL: Filter material can be washed and reused for better filtering of debris


  • (1) CMXZVBE38753 HEPA Media Filter



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